If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.

~ Wayne Dyer

Frequently Asked Questions


Please note that I have a cat and dog who wander my home freely. While my dog is considered a hypoallergenic poodle mix, I cannot guarantee a therapy room that is free of cat and dog dander/allergens. 

How soon can I get an appointment and what hours do you work?

I offer evening appointments throughout the week and daytime appointments on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The wait for a daytime appointment is typically one week. Evening appointments are more popular and the wait time can be closer to two weeks.

How do I book an appointment?


Click anywhere within this FAQ to gain access to my convenient online booking system. Once you arrive, create a profile to choose any available appointment time that suits you. If preferred, you are also welcome to email me to book an appointment.

What is the recommended length of each therapy meeting I attend?
The recommended meeting length varies depending on the type of the therapy, the number of people in the room and personal preference. My best recommendations are as follows:

Individual Therapy: 60 minute meetings              Couple and Family Therapy: 90 minute meetings

75 minute meetings are also available as an “in between” option for individuals, couples and families.

Is this service wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately this service is not wheelchair accessible. If you have concerns about accessibility, please contact me to so we can discuss how I can meet these needs for you (e.g., travelling to your home to provide service).
Is there parking?

A double driveway as well as ample free street parking is available for clients to park.

What do people wear to therapy?
Wear something comfortable! There is no need to dress formally.
What happens if I need to cancel an appointment or don’t show up for an appointment?

Sessions that are missed or that are not cancelled with greater than 24 hours notice will be subject to a $75 cancellation fee, except under extenuating circumstances.


What happens if I am going to be late for an appointment?
Appointments will not be held beyond the first thirty minutes of the appointment time. If you are running late for an appointment and send me an email letting me know, it may be possible to push back your appointment time at no charge. I will reply to you indicating whether or not this is possible based on other appointments that I have booked.
What do I do if I am in crisis between appointments?
Shifting Perspectives Therapy is not an emergency or crisis service. I am not able to monitor my email for emergencies, nor am I able to guarantee my availability to provide crisis support. In times of crisis, remember to rely on a 24-hour crisis service such as COAST (Cisis Outreach and Support Team – 905-972-8338) or 911/Emergency Medical Services.
Who will have access to information about me and what I talk about during therapy?
Everything discussed in therapy is confidential – this means that our conversations will not be shared with anyone without your permission. There are some exceptions to this, such as when someone’s safety is at risk. We will discuss this in more depth at the beginning of our first meeting.
Can I make someone go to therapy/can someone force me go to therapy?
Going to therapy needs to be a personal choice or mutual decision by all persons involved. No one can make anyone go to therapy as it is always voluntary. I follow this protocol even with children, because change typically does not occur until change is desired.
What types of payment are accepted?


Accepted payment methods include e-transfer, cash and cheque within 24 hours of service. Receipts will be provided upon payment. Unfortunately follow-up appointments cannot be booked when an outstanding balance exists on your account.


What types of insurance cover my services?


Many insurance companies provide insurance coverage for Registered Psychotherapists. While psychotherapists cannot direct bill, receipts will be provided upon payment for insurance submission.

In order to check if you are covered for my services, please read your insurance policy carefully or call your provider and confirm coverage for one of the following:
-Registered Psychotherapist (with CRPO)
-Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (with CAMFT)
-counselling services
-couple and family therapy

I am also an approved service provider with Medavie Blue Cross for Blue Cross, VAC, RCMP, CAF and IFHP covered clients.

It is the client’s responsibility to confirm coverage before attending therapy. I am unable to confirm coverage for any client by any insurance plan.

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