Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self transformation.

~ Lao Tzu

My Thoughts on Therapy

  • Therapy should be a collaborative meaning-making process that happens between those in the room
  • The therapeutic process should evolve naturally and can be as short as a single session or multiple sessions that occur over a short or longer period of time
  • No commitment is required in terms of number of sessions or length between sessions
  • Therapy can happen with individuals, couples/partners, or with multiple members of a family; who attends from one session to the next can vary
  • Individuals are welcome to bring a friend, partner or family member for support if helpful

I offer support for:

  • symptoms of depression
  • symptoms of anxiety
  • trauma related symptoms such abuse, accidents, loss
  • sexual and intimacy related topics including kink, poly and LGBTQ  
  • self-esteem, self-worth and self-compassion concerns
  • grief/loss
  • life transitions and adjustment issues such as going away for school, job loss, separating from a partner, etc.
  • identity exploration
  • parenting concerns
  • sexual and intimacy related issues including explorations related to polyamoury, kink and LGBTQ
  • intimate relationships affected by traumatic experiences had by one or more partners
  • the impacts of mental health concerns on intimate relationships
  • life transitions and adjustment issues throughout the lifespan
  • impact of addictions on intimate relationships
  • parenting together and co-parenting among separated couples such as having a baby, becoming “empty nesters”, etc.
  • relational and family breakdown
  • high conflict intimate relationships
  • trauma related issues such as helping a parent better support a child who has suffered abuse
  • the impacts of mental health concerns on family relationships including emotional and behavioural struggles with children
  • life transitions and adjustment issues such as decisions to put a parent in a nursing home, how to support aging parents, dealing with the impacts of divorce, etc.
  • grief/loss related issues
  • coping with addictions among one or more family members
  • LGBTQ issues, such as a child choosing to come out or transition

My Fees

  • 60 minute meeting: $120 – recommended for individuals
  • 75 minute meeting: $150 – optional for individuals, couples & families
  • 90 minute meeting: $180 – recommended for couples & families

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